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Apprentice Achievement

Learn the Basics...

A beginner's guide on the basic gameplay mechanics

Whether you're new to Arcanists or familiar with the original game from Jagex...

If you'd like a more in-depth overview and summary, click on the guide links to the right ..!

There are also tutorials in-game for you to help get to grips with the core elements of gameplay so be sure to check those out too!

Elf Flurry Arrow
Elf Flurry Arrow

Click to view the "Arcanists 2 Emporium"
(Courtesy of Kaoe: Kaoe#1137)

Click to view "A Guide to Competitive Gameplay"
(Courtesy of Nikaray: HSC#4131)
Offers a competitive insight to the game

Panoramic View Achievement

Game Controls and Interface

The primary controls and a breakdown of the gameplay screen is pictured below.
You can customise your keybinds in 'Controls' found via the 'Options' menu.

Cogs Arcanist
Game Controls Interface
UI Breakdown

Breakdown of the Gameplay Screen

> Your Health: 
When it reaches 0, you're out.

> Time: 
Your turn will automatically end when the time runs out.

> Minimap: 
Shows an overview of the entire map, your position and
zoom level.

> Your Spells: 
You may take up to 16 spells with you in your spellbook. 
There are different types of spells in the game (below).

Types of Spells

Sniper Achievement
Lord of Wands Achievement


First, select the target of your spell.
Then determine the angle and power by holding the left mouse button (LMB). 

Targeting an Arrow Spell
Firing an Arrow Spell


Bouncy spells with lots of explosive power but hard to control or predict.
Use LMB to determine the power.

Crazy Achievement


Each minion will have different spells available to use by them. Imps, for example, can explode and deal damage in an area depending on their health. More HP = bigger boom! 

Minion Summon Radius
Summon Imps Spell
Imp Explosion Spell


Usually shoots a number of
projectiles in a straight line
at a pre-determined power.

There are lots of ways to use
each spell, some are more
effective than others!


Similar to a Bomb (although often less powerful) but explodes on contact without bouncing.


There are a lots of spells in this category but they all have global range

and are'point and click' type spells.


An example of these is below.
Some personal spells such as 'Shock Shield' can be used both
offensively and defensively.

Tower Spell


Provides a temporary increase to your HP total but immobilizes you (except for Clock Tower & UFO).
You will be knocked out of your tower when you reach the HP total you started at.

It's important to note that all towers prevent you from going past said life total while inside, meaning you can tank any one hit while towered.

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